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Virus name Trojan-Clicker.Win32.BHO.i [AVP] scan result

Virus name Trojan-Clicker.Win32.BHO.i [AVP] find1scan result.
If you know the information, hazards and prevention methods of the virus Trojan-Clicker.Win32.BHO.i [AVP], you are welcome to send it to us at so that we can display it on the relevant page.

virus Trojan-Clicker.Win32.BHO.i [AVP] Description

Trojan:Win32/Adject.A is the detection for malware that injects HTML and Javascript content into Web pages visited using Internet Explorer. This content may consist of banner advertisements, images, or links to other Web sites.
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Scan Result

File Name/MD5 File Size Scanner Check Date
1 File Name: File name not allowed
224260 F-Secure 2008-11-23 15:24:52