1, You can UPLOAD any files, but there is 20Mb limit per file.
2, VirSCAN supports Rar/Zip decompression, but it must be less than 20 files.
3, Aplikace VirSCAN může skenovat komprimované soubory s heslem 'infected'nebo'virus'.

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Virus name W97M.Abc scan result

Virus name W97M.Abc find1scan result.
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virus W97M.Abc Description

VirTool:WinNT/Haxdoor.A is a kernel-mode rootkit-enabled Trojan that allows remote control of the infected machine over the Internet. The Trojan contains instructions that allow it to disable certain antivirus programs and firewall applications, log keystrokes, allow remote connections, lower security settings or perform other unwanted actions. VirTool:WinNT/Haxdoor.A gathers user and system information and sends it to a third party.
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Scan Result

File Name/MD5 File Size Scanner Check Date
1 File Name: ABC.Abc
43008 drweb 2014-08-13 15:33:27