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Virus name W32/Koobface.ifr scan result

Nombre del virus W32/Koobface.ifr find1scan result.
Si conoce la información, los peligros y los métodos de prevención del virus W32/Koobface.ifr, puede enviarnos esta información a para que podamos mostrarla en la página correspondiente.

Virus W32/Koobface.ifr Descripción

Win64/Koobface is a multi-component family of malware used to compromise machines and direct them in various ways at the attacker\'s will. This could include using the affected machine to distribute additional malware, generate \'pay per click\' advertising revenue, steal sensitive data, break captchas, and subvert the affected user\'s online experience. Its components are varied, but include a worm that spreads by utilizing social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace.
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Resultado de la exploracion

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1 Nombre del archivo: VirusShare12157
110592 thehacker 2015-10-31 11:23:16