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3, VirSCAN kan Rar/Zip bestanden scannen die beveiligd zijn met wachtwoord 'infected' of 'virus'.

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Virus naam W32/Autorun.AAA!tr scan resultaat

Virus naam W32/Autorun.AAA!tr vind1scan resultaat.
Als u de informatie, gevaren en preventiemethoden van het virus kent W32/Autorun.AAA!tr, kunt u deze naar ons sturen op zodat we het op de betreffende pagina kunnen weergeven.

virus W32/Autorun.AAA!tr toelichting

Worm:Win32/Vobfus.AK is a worm - a self-propagating program that can spread itself from one computer to another. Worms may spread themselves via a variety of different channels in order to compromise new computers. Commonly, worms may spread directly by copying themselves to removable or network drives, or by attempting to exploit particular vulnerabilities on targeted computers. Worms also often attempt to spread via platforms that require user interaction in order to run. They may send themselves as an attachment to an email or an instant message, or send a link to a copy of themselves in the body of a message. In these cases the message needs to be convincing enough to encourage the victim to click on the link or attachment and run or download a copy of the worm.
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1 Bestandsnaam: bae2f1c0e7b5e30905db0c562de63bac
320768 fortinet 2019-08-06 10:58:03